Snow cover

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What is a snow-gun?

This machine, is designed to make cultivated snow. It is fully automatic, coming into action whenever the temperature falls to - 4°C.

To make snow, our snow-guns are fitted with an air compressor, a fan, a water supply, and automatic controls taking all the various parameters into account in addition to the volume of snow required. 1 m3 of water makes 2 m3 of snow under optimum operating conditions.
The colder the water and air, the lower the humidity of the air (hygrometry), the more snow is made. In all, we use completely natural elements! This is why we prefer to talk of cultivated rather than artificial snow.

How do we make snow?

Cultivated snow is just water and air, that’s all!
It’s issued form a totally mechanic method consisting in sending crushed water in a snow gun network distributed on the ski area. No chemical is used during the production cycle, only water and cold air. Of course this method is valid only if negative temperatures.

And in Châtel?

Châtel's geographical situation, to the far north of the French Alps, combined with the influence of nearby Lake Geneva, gives the resort its own microclimate usually ensuring that the snow does not melt. However, to counter Nature's whims, the Ski-Slope Department employs seven “snowmakers” making cultivated snow. Equipment: 300 snowmaking points spread all over the domain but concentrating on the most susceptible areas, that is to say  26km of slopes or 75 hectares covered.


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