agandir - Sécurisation du domaine

Their responsibilities: safety, information and sign-posting for the benefit of skiers and rescue.

Châtel has 45 of them.

They consist of patrolmen-blasters, dog-handlers, snow and weather forecasters, mountain rescue patrolmen, and many have completed their initial training by specialising and further increasing their expertise.
Some people like to call them the Saint Bernards of the ski slopes, but, joking apart, they play an extremely important role ensuring that skiing is an unspoilt pleasure.
The range of their missions makes them more than essential!

The Portes du Soleil patrolmen wear yellow and green, one way of recognising them when you need help or advice.
Weather, Webcams, Open slopes
Photos and videos of Châtel resort
The Châtel's TV Channel, available on Youtube and on french DTT
Châtel's mountain bikepark