agandir - La piste mauve

The Milka purple piste

A treat for the eyes…

One of the best experiences of childhood is getting to grips with nature. And we’re all still children at heart! Especially when skiing the Milka purple piste, which features a fun presentation of the Alpine fauna. You just have to get off the beaten track a little to get up close to the wildlife here, explained in a series of informative boards and very lifelike animal figures! And why not enjoy a chocolate treat too?

Evening Skiing

Snowsports by moonlight!

Every Thursday from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m. (weather permitting), the piste in the Linga stadium is transformed into a sound and light show for you.
Use of the ski tow is free of charge.


Check out the DVA Park, near La Chanterelle piste in the Super Châtel sector!
This workshop, run by members of the piste patrol, uses demonstrations as a fun way to teach you how to use an avalanche transceiver (what we call a DVA), and also gives you the chance to try out your own equipment if you have it.
The area is open for independent use at any time. For more information or a demonstration, ask directely to the piste patrol on site.

Internet on the ski area!

We now have the ability to offer you free wifi internet access in four areas around Chatel. The Plaine Dranse, Pierre-Longue, Pré-la-Joux and Vonnes areas can receive up to as many as 2000 connections at any one time.  So you can now connect with friends or charge your online ski pass !

How does it work? It is very simple.
Once you have detected the wifi name 'Skieur_Chatel' a connection window will appear on your device to identify you. You will have the choice to connect your device through your e-mail or several other social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, Instagram…) You can connect for 2 free hours and if you need more, just reconnect  again.
We are hoping to extend the connection to the Linga and Super Chatel area for the 2017/2018 winter season.


For hassle free skiing at Châtel!


Looking for convenience? What about leaving your equipment in a ski-locker? At the top of Super-Châtel gondolas, the Châtel ski lift company rents ski lockers which can fit up your complete ski-equipment. Each locker fits from 3 to 5 pairs of skis and boots. The integrated heating system is a true comfort when putting your ski boots on in the morning.


-The 3 pair locker: 43 € per week*
-The 5 pair locker : 53 € per week*

* Price per locker for a week from Saturday 3pm to next Saturday 10 pm.


At the bottom of Vonnes connection between Super Châtel and Linga, the Châtel ski lift company rents 72 ski lockers in which you can leave your complete ski-equipment. Each locker fits 4 pairs of skis and boots for adults ( 5 if there is a child). The integrated heating system is a true comfort when putting your ski boots on in the morning.


11 € for one night
55 € for 6 nights

Buy now only for ski lockers at Vonnes on www.myskicase.com or at the “Lac” main cash desk

Download here beside all the tariffs.

Information and bookings: 04 50 73 34 24
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