Safety on the chairlifts

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Good practice guide on chairlifts

(Extract for the Domaines Skiables de France documentation)


• Move to the line boarding respecting signage.
• In case of difficulty with children, do not hesitate to ask for help to the chairlift agent
• Take your sticks in one hand and ensuring various accessories that create discomfort for boarding (backpack placed in front…).
• Sit well back in the seat and prepare to share the chairlift with fellow skiers.
• Lower the restraint bar quickly, paying attention to other passengers, especially children (keeping them out of hand if needed).
• In case of bad boarding, do not grasp, let go immediately before than the seat rises higher up.


• Remain quietly seated-in at the bottom of the seat without shaking nor turning round.
• Pay attention to children on the same seat.
• Do not raise the restraint bar.
• Do not swing the seat.


• Wait for the arrival before lifting the restraint bars.
• Quickly move out the arrival area avoiding cutting the road of the other passengers.

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